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Last IPv6 address

Last IPv4 address

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This address,, is still a old legacy IPv4 address which has only 32 bits in it. So, your address can only be represented by 256 levels of gray. Your address is split in 4 numbers, each number is placed on a corner of the image and is used to represent the gray level, with 0 meaning black and 255 meaning white.

Then, linear interpolation is used to have a two-dimensional gradient between all the four corners.

Had you selected a modern Internet Service Provider, then with your modern IPv6 address you would have seen a colorful picture... In general, the top half of the image will never change from the same network location (it is linked to your Internet Service Provider's prefix) but the bottom part can change daily (especially when using IPv6 privacy extensions).

Copyright: Eric Vyncke, December 2014