IPv6 Segment Routing Testing

This page is currently under development and is unstable...

This page is testing the ability of a SRH (segment router header in IPv6) to reach you. If anything on the path between this server (located in France at OVH) and your browser blocks an ICMPv6 ECHO_REQUEST or UDP packet to the 'echo' port, then it will fail. This includes CPE firewalls as well as host firewalls.

Segment routing is described at: http://www.segment-routing.net/.

Your IP address is: I am afraid that you reach this web site over IPv4 only... hence we cannot run the test.

Blocking hosts

For example, on Mac OS/X the default policy blocks inbound ICMP (do not ask me why!). You may want to briefly disabled the Mac OS/X firewall by typing in a Terminal window: sudo pfctl -d and then re-enabled the firewall sudo pfctl -e.

This page has been developped by Eric Vyncke, March 2014.