IPv6-enabled BitTorrent Peers

This map shows the ratio (expressed in percentage of IPv6 peers vs. IPv4 peers) of BitTorrent peers in using . Countries with less than 100 IPv4+IPv6 peers are not displayed.
This graph is based on draft-vyncke-ipv6-traffic-in-p2p-networks-00. Please note that RFC 6274 (address selection) does not apply to BitTorrent as peers are identified only by IP addresses, this, means that Teredo and even the mostly historic 6to4 are used when available. Therefore, this maps shows how many end-users could contact an IPv6-only server.
Please also note that the use of BitTorrent is strongly discouraged/blocked in some countries (France, China for example) and that other countries do not use it for other reasons (Japan and other Asian countries).
Set focus on: World Africa Americas Asia Europe Oceania

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Thanks to Google for their GeoChart tools. This page is partly based GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com. Thanks also to Sander Steffann for the use of his network connectivity.