IPv6 Deployment Status

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Lesotho is scanned since 2011-10-26 and the last information is dated 2018-06-23. It is based on the Alexa top-1-million list of web sites; please note that end of November 2016, this list was no more updated, so, the site ranking is 'frozen' since November 2016. Return to Aggregated Results. Jump to the IPv6 allocated prefixes.
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: this site participated at the World IPv6 Day in 2011.
: this site has removed the IPv6 access after the World IPv6 Day (fear?).
Name Alexa
(Nov 2016)
google.co.ls whois 1/40864www.google.co.ls
ns3.google.com ns1.google.com ns2.google.com ns4.google.com
4/4 2018-06-02
standardlesothobank.co.ls whois 2/260205FAILED FAILED FAILED
fnb.co.ls whois 3/563477FAILED FAILED FAILED
gbets.co.ls whois 4/576096FAILED FAILED FAILED
nul.ls whois 5/600039FAILED FAILED ucthpx.uct.ac.za
1/4 2017-10-12
ISP vodacom.co.ls whois 6/667533FAILED FAILED FAILED
netbank.co.ls whois 7/671100FAILED FAILED FAILED
nedbank.co.ls whois 8/677795FAILED FAILED FAILED
companies.org.ls whois 9/715691FAILED FAILED ns-854.awsdns-42.net ns-26.awsdns-03.com ns-1530.awsdns-63.org ns-1825.awsdns-36.co.uk
4/4 2018-06-09
obfc.org.ls whois 10/802049FAILED FAILED FAILED
thesilo.co.ls whois 11/850117FAILED FAILED FAILED
thepost.co.ls whois 12/884292FAILED FAILED FAILED
sentebalefunerals.co.ls whois 13/897233FAILED FAILED FAILED
lra.org.ls whois 14/937638FAILED FAILED FAILED
adventist.org.ls whois /www.adventist.org.ls
2018-06-11 CDN
FAILED norm.ns.cloudflare.com becky.ns.cloudflare.com
2/2 2018-06-11
alliance.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
applications.gov.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
bedco.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
blackhair.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
boliba.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
botleng.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
cellpower.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
centralbank.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
civilair.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED ns-ls.afrinic.net ls-ns.anycast.pch.net
2/4 2015-10-11
dafurniture.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
datadeal.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
etl.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
etlmail.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
examscouncil.org.ls whois /FAILED alt1.aspmx.l.google.com
factura.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
fantisi.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
game.co.ls whois /www.game.co.ls
2018-06-12 CDN
FAILED major.ns.cloudflare.com elsa.ns.cloudflare.com
2/2 2018-06-12
hlazvillforextrading.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
iec.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
informativenews.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
laa.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
lca.org.ls whois /No info No info No info
lec.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
lena.gov.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
leo.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
letsengdiamonds.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
lewa.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
lhda.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
lhwc.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
lmda.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
lmps.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
lpb.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
lppa.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
maseruprep.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
metropolitan.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED ns1.lexsynergy.net ns2.lexsynergy.us ns3.lexsynergy.info
3/3 2018-06-18
mohale-oa-masite.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
morija.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
musicbox.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
nare.nul.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
ombudsman.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
pcfm.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
pegasus.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
phokeng.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
placeofsmoke.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
publiceye.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
rd.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
roofofafrica.org.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
sadcwscu.org.ls whois /FAILED hosted FAILED FAILED
spetzos.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
spot.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
standardbank.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
sundayexpress.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
surgemail.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
theagency.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
thuto.nul.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
to.co.ls whois /www.to.co.ls
2015-11-24 CDN
gwen.ns.cloudflare.com joel.ns.cloudflare.com
2/2 2015-11-24
www.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
www.gov.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
www.nul.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
xbase.co.ls whois /FAILED FAILED FAILED
zeecom.co.ls whois /www.zeecom.co.ls
2018-06-06 CDN
FAILED becky.ns.cloudflare.com norm.ns.cloudflare.com
2/2 2018-06-06
In total 78 hosts5 (6%)3 (4%)9 (12%)
Tests are:

Alexa rank is n/m meaning nth in the country (actually TLD -- so not very accurate) and mth worldwide.

IPv6 Prefixes

Here are the 7 (7 with a prefix length <= 48) IPv6 prefixes assigned to the country color coded:
DescriptionSide chartTable belowPrefix count
Not announced on BGPREDRED6 (85.7 %)
Announced on BGP but under an aggregated prefix
(such as the ISP rather than the customer)
N/AORANGE0 (0 %)
Announced on BGP individually (i.e. using a routing entry)GREENGREEN1 (14.3 %)
Traffic from this prefix has been seenBLUE0 (0 %)
  • BLUE : traffic from this prefix has been seen, 0 (0 %)
  • GREEN: announced on BGP, 1 (14.3 %)
  • ORANGE: announced on BGP but under an aggregated prefix (such as the ISP rather than the customer), 0 (0 %)
  • RED: not announced on BGP, 6 (85.7 %)
Show SixXS prefixes:


Prefixes <= /48

IPv6 Users penetration measured by Akamai, APnic and Google

Note: the source of information is the whois database of RIPE which does not include prefixes outside of Europe/Africa... and some data from LACnic/AfriNIC/APnic/ARIN without too many details...
Note 2: all prefixes for SixXS or longer than 48 have been removed as there are too many of them. Mouseover an aggregated prefix to see the aggregator.
PrefixDescriptionFirst/Last announcement
2001:43f8:210::/48Internet Exchange Point Association of Lesotho Internet Exchange Point Association of Lesotho
2001:43f8:1170::/48Lesotho Network Information Centre Proprietary Lesotho Network Information Centre Proprietary
2c0f:f130::/32Comnet Pty Ltd Comnet Pty Ltd2018-06-04
2c0f:fb68::/32Government of Lesotho Government of Lesotho
2c0f:fd00::/32National University of Lesotho National University of Lesotho
2c0f:fe58::/32Econet Telecom Lesotho
2c0f:ffa8::/32Vodacom Lesotho (Pty) Ltd Vodacom Lesotho (Pty) Ltd2011-07-22