Comment élever des dragons? (niveau 6)

Please note that this help page is currently being translated from French to English...Come back every day or so to see more and more translated help.
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The goal of this site is to learn how to breed dragons: starting with the
dragon egg to the fully grown-up dragon (height of about 4 meters -- 12 feet -- and weight of about 500 kg -- about 1000 pounds -- or more!).

A breeder has a score based on the number of galleons (the sorcerer currency unit) and on the total weight of all his born dragons (as well as the sum of all his dragons skills beginning at level 3).
The simulation (i.e. all the miscellaneous computation about heat, thirst, hunger, ...) is done once per hour only; hence, don't be surprise if it takes some time for our pumpkins, dragons, ... to grow!
With only a few minutes a day on this site, you will keep your dragons healthy and you will make progress in your dragon breeding skills!

Suggestions, assistance, ...

If you need some help or if you have some suggestions (including better graphics or fixing typos), feel free to contact the web site developpers by owl-mail (to SAurOn or isa or evyncke) or on the forum forum (currently mainly in French but there is one forum in English).

This help page varies based on your level (experience) in this game... Come back from time to time to get help linked to your new experience level! Alternatively, you can click on one specific level in the table of contents to see the help linked to another level.

Table of contents

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Dragon Eggs

Dragons hatch from an egg: exactly like chickens!
For sure, the dragon egg is much bigger; moreover, the mother dragon heat the egg by spitting gentle how flames on it.
As you probably don't spit flames (I hope!), you need a different method to heat the egg: place the egg in a cauldron and put the cauldron in a burning fire. The quantity of heat before hatching is between 4,000 and 6,000 kcal.
In order to ensure a better heat tranfer between the fire and the egg, the egg must be placed in the water (like in your kitchen). But, water evaporates... and you need to refill the cauldron every hour or so by pouring waterin it.
There are three kinds of waters: Magical wood logs are mandatory to heat the cauldron. Each log produces 200 kcal over one hour: exactly the time required to burn completely. If you do the math, you need between 20 and 30 hours (and the same number of logs of course) to give enough heat to the egg (of course assuming that there is always enough water to maximize the heat transfer).
As they are magic, you need to go to the
Diagon Alley (1 galleon per log). The shipping direct to your cellar will be done by the shops. Do not forget to go downstiar in your cellar to bring back the log to your fire!
The beauty with magical logs is that once a log is completely burned, another one from the stack of logs will fly directly in the fire!
Hagrid, himself, will give you the first dragon egg with some money (50 galleons) to take care of it. But, until further notice, your fire is only large enough to boil a single egg!If you want to breed further dragons, you'll need to buy other eggs in the Diagon Alley (or at the Gringotts Stock Exchange) for a price of 10 galleons. But, until further notice, your fire is only large enough to boil a single egg!

Dragon Babies

Dragon babies hatch after about 2 days of heathing, they have a weight of 1 to 3 kg (2 to 6 pounds) for a height of 20 to 30 cm (about 1"). Hagrid will congratulate you by giving you 30 galleons after the hatching.

The Dragons

Once hatched, the dragons will grow very very fast (about 1% per hour, this makes 26% a day -- don't agree? make the math ;-)!
A dragon becomes adult once he is 1.5 meter tall (5"); this will require between 7 and 9 days of continuous growth -- assuming a well fed and well cared of dragon of course). Once they are adults, they change their physical look and are able to
reproduce. But their growth does not stop! They continue to grow until more than 4 meters (about 12") and to get more weight until more than 500 kg (1000 pounds)... The maximum weight is reached after 11 to 12 days and the maximum size is reached after 11 to 13 days. Each dragon has a maximum size different than the others.
Every dragon has a set of parameters: In some cases, you will see two buttons:
to display the family tree of one of your dragons and
to display all the descendants of one of your dragons.

Dragon Avatars

You will notice quickly that each dragon has a photograph (actually a drawing). This drawing is called an avatar.
By default, various avatars are automatically associated your dragons according to their age and their sex.
It is also possible to change the avatar of your dragons by uploading on the server a drawing of yours.
CAUTION: this drawing must be done by yourself or you must have the authorization of the author to use an avatar made by another person.
Any violation of this rule can lead to the exclusion of the player from this site. How to have its avatar?
  1. display the page of your dragon by clicking on this dragon;
  2. click on the button change avatar;
  3. a list of several avatars is displayed, you have then the choice between:
    • use one of these avatars by clicking on Utiliser;
    • you can also use a drawing or a picture which is on your computer (maximum file size 40000 bytes, idealy 250 x 250 pixels (maximum 600 pixels) with a transparent background) by clicking on Browse... (the exact name of the button depends on your browser), then find and select the file on your computer, then click on the button Télécharger
It is really unfriendly to copy other players' avatars without their agreement... Accepted file formats are GIF, PNG, JPEG the preferred ones, else BMP, SWF et TIFF.

Dragon Skills

When your dragon spends time in various places, its skills or competences (swim, race, intelligence, fight, beauty,…) will increase.
It is up to you to discover in which places…
Note: these skills increase only at each hour (i.e. 10H00, 11H00,…) night and day. Moreover, when competences are related to hunting, they are gained only when the nervousness is not at 100% and when the tank of flames is not empty… These competences will be used on level 4 at the time of the
fights between dragons.
On same pages of this web site, yellow star are used to give an indication of the dragon total power: a yellow star indicates 500 points of skills and a red star red star indicates 2,500 points (this is the equivalent of 5 yellow stars). The total power is the sum of all skills/competences.
The beauty (or attractiveness) is not useful in the fights. It is only used to improve the chances to have an egg fertilized during the night. To be attractive, a dragon must make several things: it is difficult to be beautiful! It is again up to you to find these various places and actions to be made; but, that has a bond with reality: think about what your mother says to you (or said) in connection with the hygiene of life…
There are six actions to take to gain many points of beauty. Moreover, the beauty can, alas, be also lost at the time of certain activities…

Moving Dragons

Once your dragon is born it is possible to move it in various places: house, field of pumpkins, Forbidden Forest,…

In order to do so, you have to:

Then, you just have to click on the final destination which appears on the rowlocation.

Multiple Actions

From level 5, it is possible to move several dragons in only one click via the tabular display of the list of your dragons obtained by clicking onMes Dragons.
Important note: during a displacement of totality or of part of your dragons, only the smallest duration of stay in a place will be taken into account for the calculation of the objects collected in certain places. That will be in particular the case when a dragon is born (because it is in fact moved of the cauldron towards the house). It is thus advised initially to move the already born dragons, then to inspect eggs in order to check possible hatchings.


At home, your dragons rest and are calmed. Alas, the height of the door of your house limits to 2 meters the size of the dragons which can enter there. To reach your
cellar or your mangers, it is necessary to pass by the house.

The Cellar

Your house has a cellar. This is the place where you can stock any number of pumpkins, eggs, seeds, ...

To go in your cellar, it is first necessary to go in your house (by selecting the arrow Home in the menu on the left hand pane), then, to choose to go down in the cellar

To fill the cellar, it is necessary for example to go in your field and to collect pumpkins (to even open a pumpkin to collect 20 seeds out of them). Or to go to buy goods with the Diagon Alley shop or the Gringotts Stock Exchange. To empty the cellar, it is necessary to go first in the house and to go down in the cellar. You will have then the choice tto sell at a fixed price with a merchant of the Diagon Alley (in general at a not very good price) or , to sell with the Gringotts Stock Exchange or to sell at the Gringotts Stock Exchange or to:

Diagon Alley

It is the place where all the stockbreeders of dragons can go to buy various things: magic logs, seeds of pumpkins, egg of dragon,…
The price is always fixed and in general much expensive than on the
Gringotts Stock Exchange. Big advantage of the Diagon Alley, the purchase is immediate and your order is delivered by centaur express within seconds in your cellar. The transport charges are the expenses of the merchant.

Gringotts Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange is a system similar to Wall Street or the London Stock Exchange or… (a little in the e-bay kind). I.e. you can propose to all the other players to buy from you or to be sold something at a price chosen by you. Reciprocally, you can sell or buy something at the price fixed by another player.
Whether you are the seller or buyer, the Gringotts Stock Exchange should be more profitable for you. The only disadvantage is sometimes that it is necessary to wait a few hours (even days!) until another breeder is interested by your proposal. In the event of transaction (i.e. when another stockbreeder agrees on the price which you proposed), you will be warned by an
To use the Stock Exchange you can either place a new order (it is you the applicant) or to carry out an existing order placed by another stockbreeder.
Every order is: The execution of an existing order can be done entirely (i.e. the total quantity is bought or sold) or partially..

Reserved Quantity for Pending Orders

When you place a buying order, part of your gallions are reserved for this order: you thus do not have access to them. The amount reserved out of Stock Exchange appears after the amount of your account.
When you place a sale order, part of your goods are reserved for this order: you cannot thus use them anymore.
It is also possible to cancel a sell or a buy order, in order to cancel an order, go to the table of the various proposals (by pretending to do a buy or a sell) and your pending orders can then be cancelled.


In order not to not charge the server too much, you are limited to 1 open orders (i.e. which is not sold or is not bought entirely) of buy or sell per type of good.
When one of your orders is completely carried out, you receive 2 points of experiencet then (once every 6 hours maximum).

Display Stock Quotes

It is also possible to display all stock quotes on a single page. From this table, you can consult a graph of the historical quotes over one week, one month or a year as well as decide to sell or buy goods.
Note: in order to protect you from the wrong clicks (or decisions!), it is impossible to sell at a loss (i.e. to sell a good at a lower price than you bought it). As in reality, the value of your goods decreases with time (like a 5 year old car is worth less than a new car). This is called depreciation: the value of your goods decreases by 20% each night.

Circle Transaction

From time to time, the server will prevent you from carrying out an existing order. Indeed, several months ago, a stockbreeder (a little cheater one!) found a means of transferring from the money between several of his usernames (another cheating!) in order to become richest...
This system is called a circle transaction, like in:
  1. a stockbreeder, Ann, buys a super-log from another stockbreeder, Bob, for 10 galleons;
  2. Bob buys from Ann the very same super-log for 100 galleons;
  3. and again and again...
The net result is that for each circle transaction Bob gives i90 gallions in Ann... and money transfer are forbidden on this site.
There are variations of this system and they all are blocked by the server. This is applicable only if the two transactions are done between the two same stockbreeders.


You can carry out a gift (or donation) of one or several of your goods to another stockbreeder in one of the three following conditions: This option is available (from the
cellar page) only for the players starting from level 3.
Moreover, it is not possible to make more than 8 donations per day. Each donation cannot exceed a quantity of 99 and it is impossible to give cauldrons or choc-pumpkins.

How to Get more Galleons?

This is of course the 1,000,000 galleons question!
The simplest way is to buy pumpkin seeds, to make them grow and to resell the pumpkins (even pumpkin seeds). Also, Hagrid will also congratulate you for the birth of each dragon by giving you a small amount of money.
But, the ideal is to resell
eggs laid by your female dragons or to even resell your dragons to countries (in general in Transylvania) where the dragons were hunted and exterminated by Moguls. This option is offered only for the large dragons.

Dragons Reproduction

In virtuality, the dragons are like hens and the cocks; -)

A single cock (male dragon) is enough for several hens (dragon female). Each adult female dragon lays eggs from time to time. It is obviously required that the male dragon sleeps at the same place as the dragon female (except Hogwarts Castle and Forbidden Forest where the dragons never reproduce). Who will well nicely be stored in your cellar by your house elves.
In the case of the other fields, it is consequently possible that male and female dragons of two different stockbreeders produce eggs. These eggs belong obviously to the dragons females.

How to Sell your Dragons

When your dragons become adult (size higher than 1.5 meter or 5"), it is possible to sell them. It is also required that their health and their moral are good and that their competences of flight and swim are not negative.
Indeed, Moguls of Transylvania exterminated in the XVIII and XIX centuries all the dragons out of their area...There were no dragons anymore!
The wizards of Transylvania try to reintroduce the dragons in their area by buying adult dragons in good
health able to fly and to swim at the cost of 2 gallions per kg of dragon and an additional gallion by point of competence/skill and 0,2 gallion per point of attractiveness. The moral of all your other dragons will be obviously fall because they will be sad to see one your dragons leaving...


The scores of the stockbreeders are computed each hour by making the sum of the number of gallions plus twice the weight and the sum of
skills (starting from level 3) of all the dragons of the stockbreeders. That corresponds to the number of gallions that you could have by selling all your dragons.

Experience Points

Experience points are a measure of your experience :-) You gain some experience points when:
Based on your experience points, your level is computed as follow: The area of your pumpkin field is based on your level (15 m2 by level added on the base area).

Pumpkin Field

Each farmer (heu breeder) has a single field of pumpkins. It may contain a number of pumpkins (in the form of seeds or in the form of ripe pumpkins) for all its dragons. The size of this field depends on your level.
The field is very useful: you can leave your dragons for several hours or even days: he will never go hungry (as long as there are still pumpkins!), and he is going to rest. The only problem is that there is no water, therefore, the dragons will thirst after 4 days ...
Managing your field is very important for your dragon because he loves to eat pumpkin. Small dragons (under 10 kg) eat a pumpkin to fill their stomachs by 40% (so they can no longer eat for 40 hours), average dragons (over 10 kg) eat a pumpkin to fill their stomach by 20% (so they can no longer eat for 20 hours), the largest dragons (over 100 kg) eat a pumpkin to fill their stomachs 10% ... All dragons eat a pumpkin per hour.
Note: it is therefore not surprising if a dragon with an almost full belly (for example 75% for a baby) does not eat a pumpkin immediately and instead continues to let his stomach to empty ... We must wait until the stomach is empty enough to absorb a whole pumpkin in order not to waste!
In addition, the pumpkins contains lots of calories and make your dragons grow by 2% in each pumpkin eaten! (A bit like the various candies and other sweets for humans - but a dragon with a lot of fat is interesting for selling).
In addition, you can sell your pumpkin to earn gallions either at the Stock Exchange or to the Diagon Alley merchands (sale price 0 galleons).
If you do not have any pumpkins, you can also buy them.
Otherwise,you need to buy seeds (0.05 galleon per seed) and to sow them, do not forget to water, and two days after, your seeds will have grown and will be transformed into giant pumpkins! Then, they can be transferred either in your cellar (in the form of pumpkin seeds or - once opened, a pumpkin gives 20 pumpkin seeds) or be eaten by your dragons.
Note: Once the seeds are sown, it is impossible to sow more seeds until all seeds have turned into ripe pumpkins...

Note: There is a rumour that the choc-pumpkins exist. They are chocolate pumpkins that are a delight for your dragons: they will no longer be hungry nor thirsty, and their morale will return to 100%, they will grow a little, even if they have reached their maximum weight. In addition, a single choc-pumpkin is enough for all your dragons! Alas, no breeder knows how to obtain these choc-pumpkins!

Multiple Fields

Breeders of level 5 and above can buy new fields (at a price of 10 galleons per m 2. Each of these fields will have a unique name. The owner of these fields may give access rights to other breeders: By clicking on , it is possible to change the order of listing of the various fields to which you have access. Simply click on the up or down arrows. It is also possible to hide a field (eg because it is empty or poorly maintained): Hidden Fields will no longer be shown as a possible place of destination.
By clicking on the trash bin , you can give up your access right on that field. This can not be undone (unless you ask again to the owner a right of access). If you were a co-owner and that you invested money in this field in order to extend it, you will be refunded and the area of the field will be reduced accordingly. If your dragons were in the field, they will be automatically moved to the dragon sitting.

Purchasing a Field

Pour acheter un nouveau champ et en devenir propriétaire, il suffit de cliquer sur le panneau avec les citrouilles. La dernière option proposée est d'acheter un champ.
Pour étendre un champ existant, il faut en être soit le propriétaire soit un co-propriétaire et aller dans ce champ. Il y a alors une option permettant d'acheter un ou plusieurs m2 supplémentaire(s).
Le propriétaire d'un champ peut aussi donner et enlever les droits d'accès aux autres éleveurs en cliquant sur la petite poubelle . Voir
ci-dessus, le cas des co-propriétaires.

Autres cultures

Dans les champs autre que le personnel (celui que vous avez au départ), il est possible de cultiver d'autres plantes que les citrouilles.
Chaque champ ne permet qu'un seul type de culture. Il est ainsi impossible de semer des cannes à sucre dans un champ où il y a déjà des citrouilles. Il convient tout d'abord d'enlever toutes les graines et toutes les citrouilles avant d'y semer ou d'y transférer d'autres plantes. C'est le principe de la mono-culture comme dans la réalité.
Note: si vous désirez malgré tout replanter rapidement d'autres graines (quantité différente ou type de culture différent), il vous est loisible de : toutes les graines à peine plantées ou déjà en train de pousser seront purement et simplement arrachées (et donc non récupérées: elles sont bonnes à jeter).
Les grains ou boutures des autres plantes peuvent être achetées au
Chemin de Traverse ou à la Bourse des Gringots.
Chaque plante a diverses propriétés:

Types de plantations

NameDensityProductionHarvest Seed Price
canne à sucre2.0 15 0.20/ / 1
chou de Bruxelles8.0 101 0.10/ / 40
citrouille1.0 120 0.05/ 1.00/ 1
piment4.0 105 0.04/ / 20
NB: it is up to you to discover the growth rate.

Dragon Manger

At level 4, it is possible to buy and use mangers (feeders) to put some food (pumpkins, peppers, Brussels sprout, sugar cane, ...) to feed your dragons.
Once you have one or more mangers available, you can fill them with fruit from your cellar. There is a limit of 1 m2 of fruit per manger.
You can then move your dragons around your feeders. It is possible to place a maximum of 2 dragons around a manger.
An advantage of these feeders is the opportunity to eat a fruit even if you don't have a field of these fruits. So even if you do not have any Brussels sprout fields, your dragons can eat them in the mangers.
The other advantage is that your feeders dragons can eat multiple types of fruit if these fruits are mixed in the manger.

Magical Lake

It is a place for all breeders (so that you can come across other dragons!). A place with a little touch of magic which is primarily used by dragons to quench rapidly: in a few seconds, their mouths swallow water as fast as they spit fire! And they drink up to 20% of their thirst in an instant. There is therefore no need to stay longer in most cases.

Forbidden Forest

This is the second location common to all breeders. It is a place strictly prohibited for the Hogwarts students.

However, you can drive your dragon at the edge of the forest without any problem and tell him where it should go hunt: the river, the mountain, the cave, the big trees, or Aragog spiders' web...

Your dragon gets rid of pests and other evil creatures by spitting flames (as long as its flame thank is not empty), which will fill its stomach. However, hunting is stressful, thus increasing its nervousness! And its concentration in hunting decline ... So it eats less and less with the time passing.

When a dragon has a good morale (greater than 80%), and if it spends a long time in the Forbidden Forst, sometimes, it will bring you some magical logs! The number of 'harvested' logs depends on its size and on the length of time it spent in the Forest.

Each place (River, Cave, ...) has its very own characteristics! In addition, these characteristics change slightly each day. It is up to you to guess, to try and to deduce the best place for your dragon :-) In some places of the Forest, it will be easier to hunt, or there will be more food, or your dragon will need more flames ...

Hogwarts Castle

It is also a place for all breeders. With a little luck, you can cross your heroes: Harry, Ron and Hermione!

But your dragons love to go to Hogwarts to boost their morale!

Dragon Sitting

This is the daycare for dragons (both babies and adults). You can leave your dragons for one or more days, they will have neither hunger nor thirst, but on the other hand they do not grow and grow. To put a dragon on the Dragon Sitting, simply move it there.
The price of the Dragon Sitting is 0.01 galleon(s)/night/dragon.

Les chaudrons

A partir du niveau 6, les éleveurs peuvent agrandir leur maison pour y placer un autre feu et un autre chaudron. Cela permet alors de faire cuire plusieurs oeufs de dragon en même temps!
Lorsque vous avez un ou plusieurs chaudrons (2 chaudrons par niveau), les diverses actions que vous pouvez faire sur les oeufs de dragons (comme ajouter des eaux magiques) doivent se faire en spécifiant bien le dragon auquel cette eau est destinée.
Le coût des travaux et de l'achat du chaudron est assez élevé: 5000 gallions.

The Weather

The weather conditions change from day to day! They follow the seasons in the Northern hemisphere.
Each weather condition has an impact on crops (growth rate, moisture levels) and, in some cases, on your dragons (flame consumption, moral, ...).
AVERSE2.5%1.0x -2-2
BROUILLARD0.5%1.0x -1-1
BRUINE1.0%1.0x -1-1
NEIGE0.0%0.5x 1-4
NUAGE-2.0%1.0x 00
OURAGAN9.9%1.0x -5-5
SOLEIL-4.0%2.0x 12
NB: With certain weather conditions (including hurricanes), a large portion of crops will be destroyed.


As you know, Hogwarts students receive their mail by express owl ... As this site is on the Internet, it is possible to send electronic messages called owl-mail. The maximum size is 2000 characters.
Recipients must obviously be another dragon breeder (you must use the username/nickname). You can learn about other nicknames by looking at the best scores (lower left), or by clicking
connected (on the top), or by crossing other breeders at Hogwarts, in the Forbidden Forest or at the Magical Lake.
It is also possible to use an address book (carnet a notebook appears). To avoid the problem of spam, you can send up to 12 owl-mails per hour.

Black List of Spammers

If you are tired of receiving owl-mails from certain other farmers (or even from Hagrid or the Gringotts ...), you can build your personal blacklist. This list contains the name of all players from which you do not want to receive owl-mails...
The herders on your blacklist will see no difference, but their owl-mail will never be delivered to you.

Fight Pits (Arena)

At level 4, breeders can make their dragons fight against each others!
By clicking on the panel Fight Pits, breeders Level 3 and above can go in the arena as a spectator and see the scores of recent fighting and even follow the ongoing fighting.


At level 4, breeders can go to a fight pit and let their dragons fight against each other!
It is advisable to start with dragons specially trained by Hagrid. Hagrid's dragon have different skills, you find out what are their strengths and weaknesses!
To access the training pits, display your dragon page, look at the top of this page (for example, by clicking on
My Dragons, choose one of your dragons) and click . You will then select a fight pit for the fight and one of Hagrid's coaches.
See further the various possible attacks. As soon as the health of a dragon reaches 20, he loses the fight (he is KO), and will no longer be able to fight until his health is recovered. If your dragon wins this training fight, it will bring you 2 experience points (these points are allocated only once per day per dragon).
Note: Each dragon coach must be able to train all dragons... So they can not fight more than twice a day with one of your dragons.

The fighting

You can also make your fight dragons on-line with another breeder's dragons! Both breeders must obviously be connected at the same time ...
To access the fightings, it is necessary to display the page on your dragon (for example, by clicking on
My Dragons, choose one of your dragons) and click . You will then select a fight pit for the combat. You will be the choice between fighting a dragon who is already waiting an opponent or wait for an opponent defy you!
It is a on-line battle: The attacks are identical in the training and in the real combat, and you can also retreat (and at the same time losing the battle). A dragon loses the battle when his health level reached 20 points.


The different attacks are: The skills of flying, swimming and running are obviously used both by the attacking dragon and the defending dragon.
The intelligence allows a dragon to choose the right moment of attack, but also to somewhat thwart the attacks. This skill is therefore both to attack and defend.
The competence protection provides a shield against flame jets and blows of claws. The skill fight allows for better attacking with flames and beating claws.

The Breeders' Chat Room

There is a chatroom among breeders. To start, just click on
chat in the top frame.
Warning: the chat will open another window by using the technique of pop-up windows. Some browsers are now configured to prevent these windows (because it is a technique used by commercial advertisements). Moreover, the chat uses javascript, therefore, your browser must be relatively recent and allow both the pop-up windows and javascript.
Generally, there are few players in the chatroom, it is advised to use chat options to be notified when a user connects.
Currently, the chatroom is shared among all players including different languages.
When you see , you can click on it and this will open a bulletin board (a long lasting chatroom) where you can write message by clicking on the Write button. All players with the same language as yours will be able to see this message.

Dragon Breeders' Lottery

By clicking on the panel Shops to go to Diagon Alley, it is possible to go and buy one or more lottery tickets.
Each ticket costs lotto 1 galleon(s). You can buy as many tickets as you want. Each ticket must be completed by ticking 5 numbers.
The draw is generally weekly, and is announced when you purchase a ticket. The entire set (= the amount paid by all buyers) is then redistributed in the following manner: You can see the previous draw and see what were your gains.

The Newsroom

It is the Gazette of breeders!
You can see the last two news by selecting
News from the menu in the top frame.
When a new has been published since your last connection, it will appear as soon as you connect.


To be able to identify you, the server needs to know your user name and a password. On first use, you must register: it is free and it takes a few seconds: enter a username, a password and a valid email address (optional: your first and last name). An validation e-mail is then sent, it contains a web address that you must visit in order to activate your nickname. And voila ;-)
If you forget your password or your nickname, it is possible to have them sent by email to your email address when identifying via the
recovery procedure.
E-mail reminders (for example, if your dragons are dying of hunger) will be sent to you after a few days without connection. This will be the one and only email sent if you do not reconnect anymore.
Your username and your dragons will be kept active for several months without a connection to the web site, but their health will suffer from your lack of care.

Your Profile

profile includes a set of options and parameters related to you. The set includes: For most of the above parameters, you can change them as often as you want. You simply need to click on My Profile (in the top frame).
You can then display those parameters. If you want to modify them, it is mandatory to enter again your current password! This is for your security.
Note: some parameters can only be changed once!


This is on the same page,
My Profile, that you can click on the button if you want to unregister from this web site.

Game Godparent (Sponsor)

All breeders level less than or equal to 4 can choose a game godfather or godmother. It is a breeder of at least 4 levels more than you who agrees to help you by offering advice and / or
Each breeder sponsor can have a maximum of 8 godchildren.
For fairness, it is recommended to send an owl-mail to your potential godparent before you name your godparent. Once the choice of yourgodparent made (by changing your profile), it is no longer possible to change again. So, choose well!
Note: the choice of a sponsor is not mandatory. Many breeders never had a godparent.
Once you reach level 5, you are experimented enough and you are loosing your godparent automagically. Your previous godparent will then be able sponsor another breeder (just like you do, because you just became a super breeder!).
In the list of connected players, the status of sponsorship appears:
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So all this site is done with free or public domain tools.


Some images are inspired by public domain arts from some artists:
Malathar, Dee Dreslough.
Sandragon made also a lot of images and dragon avatars.