Ratio of IPv4 and IPv6 hosts

Results can be filtered by the web site containing the 'web bug' counting hosts: (you must include the leading http://)
By using a specific trick (collecting IPv6 statistics about clients of some specific web servers), we counted 0 hosts (since midnight UTC):
  • 0 IPv4 only hosts;
  • 0 dual stack hosts where IPv6 is preferred (like Windows XP & Linux) or IPv6 only hosts;
  • 0 dual stack hosts where IPv4 is preferred (like Windows Vista);
Therefore unknown% of Internet hosts are IPv6 enabled (not counting hosts with IPv6 enabled but without good IPv6 connectivity):
  • 0 host(s) with native IPv6 connectivity;
  • 0 host(s) using 6to4 tunnels (including 0 routers/home gateways);
  • 0 host(s) using ISATAP tunnels;
  • 0 host(s) using Teredo tunnels;
  • 0 Freebox(es).

Browsers and Operating Systems

Statistics about iOS visitors (or do you want any type of addresses, only IPv4 or only IPv6 or only IPv6-preferred or only IPv4-preferred dual-stack or only Freebox IPv6 or only 6to4 IPv6 or only Teredo IPv6 or addresses? Or do you want only Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Mac OS X or iOS machines?
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Teredo Servers

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The last 10 accesses

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The last 10 IPv6 accesses iOS visitors

If an IPv4 address is displayed, this means that the host preferred to use IPv4 vs. IPv6; IPv6 is used only when it was explicitely redirected to http://[2001:...]/...
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Historical Data for all sites

OS with IPv6

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